I’ve been freelance writing for many years…on and off. And for most of them, I struggled with imposter syndrome.

I’ll admit, the first few I was just dabbling around while I held down a full-time J.O.B.

Six years into it, I’m still not sure that I’m taking myself seriously enough to beat the dreaded writer’s imposter syndrome

If you’re like me, you may think you’ll finally feel like you’ve made it once you hit one of the following milestones…but you’ll be wrong.

Read on to learn the truth about feeling like a real-deal writer.

When You Need to Manage Your Clients, You Could Be A Real Writer

Imagine going along, day after day, pitching and doing client work…always trying to stay ahead of the game. When all of a sudden, you’ve got your hands full.

Because that’s how it happens.

One minute you’re scrambling for clients, and the next they’re bursting through your kitchen door. (time to get that office space together, btw)

When you start needing sophisticated systems for things like billing and communication, you may have just passed into the full-time freelance writer zone.

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When Your Bank Account Surpasses a Certain Goal (Maybe You’re the Real Deal)

For some new writers, there’s a certain dollar amount in their minds. It’s that monthly goal that they knew would make them feel comfortable and secure with their freelancing business.

But here’s the thing about that monthly goal…once you hit it, you crave even more growth….so that can’t be it.

When You Get Referrals, You’ll Start to Beat Imposter Syndrome

Oh, the feeling you get when that first email arrives with something like this:

“I got your email from (insert awesome client name here) and I wanted to talk to you about your blogging package…what do you need from me?”

Ummmm, what!? You mean I don’t have to sift through tons of emails to get your info and track you down out of the billions of potential customers?

You came to me?


When You Can Say No to Potential Clients, Maybe Your Not a Fraud

Cherry-picking your clients is a dream come true.

And so is kicking crappy ones to the curb without a second thought.

How many times have your clients tried to micro-manage you or tell you how to do the one thing they hired you to do?

Well, there comes a time in every writer’s career when they can be cheeky with the scope creeps of the world and tell them to find someone else.

Best feeling ever.

Because you know there’s millions of opportunities out there, and killer clients waiting to bang down the door to work with you (and pay you $200 a post).

Truth Bomb: Imposter Syndrome Never Goes Away

So, will you feel less like an imposter when any of these simple things happen? Probably.

But the truth is, you may never be able to get over imposter syndrome as a writer.

But guess what?

That’s an excellent sign!

You know why?

Because you are doing what you love.

It doesn’t feel like a real job because it’s your natural talent, your gift—and you are sharing it with the world.

We’ve been living in a society that tells us familiarity and the 9–5 grind are what’s comfortable, safe, and real. But that school of thought is wrong.

Being a freelance writer is a real career…a lucrative one at that.

In other words, it’s a reality.

So, that little voice in your head, that says, “I’m getting paid for this? I’m not who they think they are. I’m a joke. No one takes me seriously. They’ll figure me out…it’s too easy.”

Needs to start saying, “I’m getting paid for this because I’m good at what I do and I’m sharing my talent with the world…and this is my career.”

If you’re in the right career for your skills and passion, it’s supposed to be easy…and that doesn’t make you an imposter.