by Amanda

(but the “by” is just between us) 

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I’m Amanda, and I’m a ghost.

Whether you’ve had a book locked away in your mind for one too many years, or you need authority-building content on your website, I’m the ghost for the job. 

Hi! I’m Amanda. 

And yes, I’m hiding my face  just to prove that I take confidentiality regarding ghostwriting extremely seriously. (but if you just gotta see my smiling face…it’s here). 

I’ve been ghostwriting for the past 7 years…and I prefer to be the writer behind the scenes—I’m a tad introverted, you see.

But I’m also a force to be reckoned with. 

Armed with a BA in English, an MA in Counseling Psychology, and 7 years of experience working in colleges and universities, I’m a ghostwriter who can write both professionally and empathetically to your audience. 

So, ready to get your words out into the world? 

Good, because your readers are waiting for you. 


Ghostwriting Specialties

Homesteading & Pet Copywriter

The pet industry is booming, and so is the homesteading niche, but to keep up with the big names in the biz, you’ll need regular, valuable, content for your pet business. Amanda operates a small farm and has written for countless homesteading and pet websites…check her portfolio out for some samples!

Chronic Illness Ghostwriting

Chronic illness is something that doesn’t just affect people on a physiological level, it also overflows into an individual’s mental health and relationships…not to mention their careers and livelihood. With a background in nursing and counseling, and a lifelong sufferer of asthma,  Amanda can write professionally and empathetic to audiences suffering from chronic illness. 

Senior Care & Aging Ghostwriting Services

Demonstrating a high level of care for the services you provide in the senior care industry requires compassion and an understanding of the medical field and privacy laws. Amanda spent a year of her life working as a CNA in the areas of skilled-care nursing, psychiatric care, hospice, and rehabilitation. She has ghostwritten for skilled-care facilities, assisted living facilities, and aging resource groups. 

Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Influencers

Want to turn your blog, or life story, into a book to build authority or to utilize as a lead magnet? Amanda will virtually meet with you to learn more about your business and turn your content into a book.

Amanda Pieper Freelance Writer

No One Needs to Know I Exist...

But, since we’ll be working together, you might want to know that I actually do exist…so here’s a real photo of my smiling face. 

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