Whether you’re launching a coaching service or product, there’s an authentic way to attract coaching clients…without coming across as desperate or slimy. 

Step One: Recognize That You’re a Business

Yes, it’s time to call it what it is, you’re now a business. 

Seriously, the second you thought about helping others with a life-changing product or service, you became an entrepreneur. 

So, congrats business owner!

Now it’s time to get serious…let me ask you a question…

What is the one thing successful online coaches do?

I’ll give ya a minute. 




Time’s up…it’s marketing!

Ugh, I know. The word itself can feel a little skeezy. But here me out.  

Think of it like this: marketing is actually networking, advertising, content marketing, social media marketing, funnels, email marketing, and more. 

It’s not putting on your best used car salesman hat. It’s a strategic, thoughtful, way to reach your audience so you can help them with your product or service.

Remember, you’re doing this because you want to help people. But if they don’t know you exist, it’s kinda hard to do that.

But don’t get overwhelmed, because you don’t have to do all of these things at once. And in the following steps, I’ll walk you through a step-by-step process to start generating clients leads for your coaching business. 

So here we go.

Step Two: Define The Coaching Clients You Want to Serve

Before you do anything (any marketing), you’ve got to take time to decide who you’re helping. 

Hold up, I know, you want to help everyone, and you don’t want to exclude anyone.

I’m the same way, helper. 

But if you try to help everyone, you’re actually helping no one. Period. 

You’ve got to narrow down your target audience so you can relate to them and so they know that you get them.

So ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What problem do I like to solve
  2. Can I easily solve this problem for someone
  3. If so, who specifically
  4. What magazines, tv shows, and influencers does my dream client follow

Dig deep here, and yes gender, and age, may influence your target audience, but in order to effectively make a lasting impression on your ideal clients, you gotta get into their noggins. 

Know them, so you can talk to them. The goal is to get them to nod along with every piece of content you put out there. 

Slow your roll, though, if you think this is slimy, think again. Because if you’ve got your target audience right and your messaging spot-on, your audience will feel like there’s at least one person in this world that gets them. That’s why you’re good at what you do, and you shouldn’t be ashamed to reach out with marketing like this. Your prospective clients need you.

Besides, as a helper, you know how great it feels when a client says, “Wow, it’s like you read my mind.”

We kinda live for that, don’t we?

Step Three: Choose a Single Social Media Channel to Attract Coaching Clients

Remember what I said about not becoming overwhelmed?

When you start getting serious about marketing your coaching business, you’ll probably get a case of the shiny squirrel syndrome. 

All these tactics and social media strategies can be exciting…but they can also distract you and cause you to spread yourself much too thin. 

A targeted approach is much more effective. So think back to where you said your ideal clients hang out. 

Do they love to pin inspiring quotes on Pinterest? Follow other inspirational coaches on Instagram?

Because that’s where you go first when you’re aiming to attract coaching clients you’ll love.

And then you become a master of marketing on your chosen social media channel. 

This is where your organic traffic will come from and nothing beats free authentic content in the mental health industry!

Step Four: Generate Leads

So, this is a no brainer…and it’s exactly why you’re here. 

You know that in order to convert prospects to clients, you need to generate high-quality leads that, well, lead to buyers, clients, etc. 

So how does this work?

Well, you gotta give it all away without reservation. Especially in the coaching industry. 

I’m talking freebies that provide high value…because valuable checklists, blog posts with lead-mags, guides, ebooks, mini-courses, all help you build that all-important TRUSTING relationship with your future clients. 

If you can show them that you can help them by answering their questions, giving them quick wins, and that lovely dopamine rush…you’ll get clients opening their wallets, begging for you to help them make changes in their lives.

No matter what your niche is. 

In the marketing world, we call these fun little freebies “lead magnets” or “opt-ins”

And that’s because your new lead has opted in and said, “yup, I want to hear what you have to say. “

And yes, there’s a little bribery involved with the lead magnet but when it comes down to it, as long as you’re giving them something helpful, they will WANT to hand over their email address and devour your emails. 

Step Five: Nurture Coaching Client Leads

Speaking of devouring content

It’s one thing to have a hungry list of potential clients waiting to hear from you…but it’s another beast to nurture that audience. 

That’s right, you’ve gotta take action with your email list. 

And I’ll tell you right now, as a copywriter who specializes in lead-gen funnels for the coaching industry, you’re email list is your most valuable business asset. 

Because it’s yours.

The names on the list want to hear from you. And you can sell to them anytime you want. 

I know…sell sounds slimy, but remember, if you want to make money helping others so you can help yourself, you’ve got to market and sell to your clients. 

And if you do it right…no one will think twice about your strategy because they crave your content and your coaching. 

So, write valuable traffic-pumping content, create your lead magnet, and nurture you’re “yeses” with regular emails….and then, and only then, should you try to sell to them.

Step Six: Launch & Open the Cart

Before you get ahead of yourself, especially if you’re brand new to the online coaching biz, take a minute to breathe. 

Because all of this takes time. And you, of all people, know that in order to build trust, and a meaningful relationship with a client, you have to earn it. 

So before you try to sell anything…coaching, courses, ebooks, you’ve got to have a list of prospective clients that trust you. 

Because shooting an email saying “buy my coaching now” will send them to the bottom of the email searching for the unsubscribe button.

So, when launching…build trust first. 

Then build pressure with emails.

And as you nurture your new list, get focused on your message, and what you’d like to convey…but do it intentionally so it has something to do with what you’ll be selling. 

Then, when it’s time to open the cart, your list will know it’s coming. And if you’ve done your homework, they’ll be waiting to be sold.

Sometimes even down to the minute the cart opens.