If you’re a coach, counselor, or healer, your passion lies within your ability to help others genuinely. You’re not in this field for anyone other than your clients. 

But here’s the thing, you still have bills to pay and a life to live outside of your innate ability to help others. 

And you know exactly what that means...your clients have to pay you for your services, 

There is no shame in that. 

Because you’ve got the skills, the heart, and compassion that can help them solve their problems. So don’t you dare feel bad about what you are able to offer to your clients. 

And they’re happy to pay you for your assistance, to learn and grow, because they can’t do it without you. 

So that’s why you can’t be afraid of chasing away clients with sales tactics. 

Hold up, I know sales and marketing can be dirty words. But you can (and should) sell your services in a genuine, authentic, way that not only helps you convert more leads but also helps build trust with potential clients. 

So, how is it possible to book more clients, sell more products, without sounding salesy?

Easy! All you gotta do is get to know your client…very well!

And I’m not talking about the age group, gender, or marital status. I’m actually talking about their pain points.

While typical demographics are important, they aren’t the ones to focus on when writing sales copy for a new coaching product.

Instead, step back, and take some time to get laser-focused on your message. Then, speak to your readers’ pain points with these tips.

Your Message to Coaching Clients

Copy falls flat if your message isn’t clear.

Your product or service may be the bee knees but if you can’t narrow down your message, you won’t know who your targeting (or talking to) in the first place. 

It can be frustrating to try to niche down to a single person to target. Usually, coaches and helpers don’t want to exclude a population because they’re afraid of losing sales and followers. 

But here’s a whopper for you:

Unsubscribes and bounces from your website aren’t a bad thing. Because when it comes to working with your ideal client, an unsubscribe isn’t someone you want to work with anyway!

So don’t be afraid to niche down to what you’re authentically good at, and speak directly to that person to generate quality coaching client leads. 

Your message will be clear and your audience will feel like you know them already…exactly what you want as a coach. 

The One Reader is Your Perfect Coaching Client

Now that you’re ready to niche (or target) a single person, you’ve got to write you copy for the that one person. 

From here on out, you’re not writing a catch-all sales page or email for anyone and everyone who might be interested in your product or service. Instead, your copy is geared toward one ideal client that you can help. 

When writing sales copy, it can be easy to use the words “I can, or I will” when you’re describing what your offer will do for your potential client. 

And there’s a place and time for that kind of speak, but for the most part, you should be talking to your client about their specific problem, how much it sucks, and the solution (which they will soon learn, is your product or service).

Moreover, be sure to simply hint at your solution rather than throwing it at them right off the bat. It can take time to move a reader from a prospect to a client.

And if you understand their awareness when it comes to their problem and your solution, you can target how to talk to that specific person in your copy. 

The bonus?

You’ll come off more authentic and genuine rather than as though you’re cold pitching your offer to anyone and everyone who would hear you.

Writing Copy for Your Dream Client

So how do you actually speak to that one person once you’ve identified them?

Let’s recap. 

Now you know what problem your offer can solve, and you’ve narrowed down the one person that’ll benefit the most from your product or service. 

Next, it’s time to learn how to talk like them because that’s the sweet spot when it comes to authenticity and copywriting. 

Review mining is my favorite way to get to know my ONE reader so I can speak to them in a genuine manner.

Here’s how it works:

Review Mining for Coaching Clients

This is super easy…and fun!

First, find out which products and services your potential clients are already using. 

For example, think about the books they’re reading, the courses they’re taking, and the physical products they’re already using to solve the problem you have a solution for. 

Then read the reviews. 

Because within them, you’re getting valuable insight straight from the horse’s mouth. 

Amazon reviews, for example, are loaded with pain points that products either solved or failed to solve. 

Pull verbaige, objections, and failings from these reviews and turn them into your copy. The reader will feel like you’ve taken the words right out of their mouth…because you have.

This builds trust and credibility because it tells the reader that you understand the problem rather than just trying to push a solution.

At the end of the day, your reader, and future client, needs to know that you get them. And if you can show them that you do, it builds trust, credibility, and makes them want to learn more about how you can help them.

If you’ve done your homework right, some potential clients will be ready to ask for more immediately.